About Us

Brittney moves at the speed of light. In one year, she produced over 20 multi-day conferences, special events, and award galas. Her background in live theater and years of experience in entertainment production make her an invaluable member of the O’Keefe Communications team. When Brittney isn’t in the office or bolting like lightening on-site, you can find her making beats on her drum kit or playing with her dog, Henry.

Rachel is a visual artist and creative writer, with the power to pick precisely the right word in a flash. In her first year as Producer, she’ll take the lead on creative development, pre-production, and the on-site experience for a number of O’Keefe shows. In her free time, she’s writing, developing, and producing OKC’s new Vlog series. She holds an MFA from Columbia University and a BA from Wesleyan University.